Hanna the Fitness Model (AKA the model that could beat me up) / by Sarah Holden

All right, I'll admit it's not THAT hard to kick the crap out of me.  I'm not a big person.  I'm a good runner though so if you give me a head start I could probably give myself enough time to find a hiding spot where I can cower in fear.  

Hanna (if she can catch me) could clobber me if she wanted to.  She's a fitness model that I photographed a few months ago in the studio.  Hanna was wonderful to work with and an extremely nice person.  So I don't think she would beat me up.  

We had a great time photographing and testing out some light.  I honestly haven't done a lot of fitness photography so this was a great opportunity to play around.  Hanna told me that often she gets asked to do a lot of stretching poses, which is great and makes sense as a fitness model, but that sounded like such a waist.  Showing strength is an unconscious theme I find in a lot of my personal work, so we ditched most of the stretching and focused on powerful, muscle flattering poses.  Here are some of the results.  I hope to work with her again when Spring arrives.