A New Year of Photography! by Sarah Holden

By now most people have made (and perhaps broken) their new years resolutions for 2016.  I've decided to join the bandwagon this year and create some resolutions of my own.  The resolutions I'm making this year are going to be a bit different than previous years in that they are going to be SPECIFIC.  The fastest way I've found to not reach your goals are to make vague, general statements that no one can measure.  I could easily make a goal like "take more photos" or "spend more time doing the things I enjoy" but those promises to myself are often forgotten or meaningless.  

So this year I've made some specific goals and I'm going to write them down.  The hardest achievements to accomplish are the ones you keep in your head.  

- Complete 5 photoshoots with Dancers.  These are for a personal project of mine. 

- Add 5 images to my professional portfolio that were not taken in the studio

- Do not go a week without making some kind of professional social media post.  This can include instagram, a blog post, or a facebook post.  

- Sketch or Draw at least once a month.  (This is something that I personally like to do so this goal is not professional but personal) 

I'm not going to overload myself with goals so I'll stick to these for now.  You'll notice each one is specific and I will be able tell if I accomplish my resolutions at the end of 2016.  On a final note, here are a few photographs I took before the holidays.  I don't like posting a blog post without photos, and I had a great time photographing this couple.  We took advantage of the Christmas decorations lighting up Downtown Cleveland!