Photos of Julia by Sarah Holden

I wanted to share some images that I took this past Autumn with a dancer named Julia.  At the time of these photoshoots she was getting her Masters in Dance at Case Western Reserve University.  Originally from Spain, she's since left the U.S. to return to Europe.  

It was interesting to hear her perspective on dance in America and at Case Western.  She is personally drawn towards the feelings and emotions of dance as opposed to its physical and technical facets.  This attitude was very apparent while we were photographing and comes across in the final images.  I became inspired while working with her to explore the possibilities of conveying emotion through my craft.  I believe that meeting Julia has influenced my next couple of personal projects.  This is one of my favorite things about photography, meeting people that ultimately influence my work and the way I view it.          

Dance Photography Personal Project: Juan and Khalil by Sarah Holden

It's been a while since I started a personal project.  Creating artwork for fun is important no matter what type of artist you are.   This summer I decided to start meeting and photographing dancers.  Photographing people in motion has always been a love of mine, whether it be martial arts, dancing, or children jumping on a bed.  

I love to photograph dancing because you never REALLY know what the camera will capture.  You can try to time your shots right, but you can't freeze someone in the air and adjust the lighting or tilt their head.  It makes getting a cool photo much more special. 

Below are two young gentleman named Juan and Khalil.  (Juan is the gentleman doing an impressive split and Khalil is the gentleman that loves to be on his toes)  These photos will be the first of many dance photographs I'll be creating this year.  Hopefully I'll learn a dance move or two along the way, but I'll probably just stick to photography.